Podcasts for kids

Just recently I realized I have been missing out on podcasts for my kids. They make car rides so much more enjoyable.  Anyone else tired of hearing the same songs over and over again in the car?  I feel like I may be missing some good ones, but here are some worth checking out.  If anyone has any suggestions throw them my way!

Story Pirates

The Story Pirates take stories written by kids and give them to professional actors to perform. We all love listening to these stories, they are so fun! I also love that they encourage my kids to create stories and plays.

The Sugarcrash Kids

My kids are in love with this podcast!  There is typically a character lesson woven in through stories and songs.  If you have kids in preschool or elementary school, definitely check this one out. 

Sparkle Stories

High-quality audio stories that encourage creativity. Find it for Android here.

Classics for Kids

Short fun intro to classical music and composers. One of my boys loves music and this is great for him.

Brains On

A fun science podcast about a variety of topics.  It never ceases to amaze me how my kids pick up and love facts about the world around them.

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