About the Blog

A photo of Sarah and her family: Her husband Carlos, Eden, Judah, Levi and Titus

Hi. I’m Sarah — a wife and mother to 4 kids. I homeschool. I love Jesus, sarcasm and the Gilmore Girls.

Raising my kids is the most amazing, rewarding and humbling experience of my life. I love finding creative solutions to problems as we go about our days, and I absolutely believe that solving one small problem at a time helps keep things running smoothly and keeps everyone mostly sane!

I write to remind myself of tricks and parenting strategies that have worked with at least one of my kids, with the hope that I will remember when I need to use it again for the next kid. Let’s be real: I am pretty sure my kids are killing my brain cells a little at a time — I can’t remember anything!

Hopefully some of what I am learning will help and encourage other parents who are also in the thick of this incredible, but oh-so-hard work of raising kids.