My own version of a workbox system


I have a problem. Every time I see a new curriculum or organization system for homeschooling, I think I need it. Of course 90% of the time it ends up not working out as amazingly as I thought it would.

The workbox system with all its pretty colored drawers really appealed to me. But I knew I wouldn’t take the time to fill the drawers every day. Plus, it seemed like a waste of space when all most subjects have is a few pieces of paper. After some tweaking, I figured out a system that works for us.


I use a file folder box for each kid (and one for my stuff). Each subject has its own hanging folder, which I can fill Sunday night for the week. I slip a check sheet in the front with a list of their work for the week.  This gives the kids the ability to work on what they need for the day and to do it wherever they happen to be working. It also helps me not have to keep track of papers on a daily basis!

I love the idea of workboxes in homeschooling, but practically it just doesn't work for us. Check out what we created that is the perfect workbox system for us.
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