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It is amazing how lonely a person can feel while surrounded by lots of little people. I spend all day talking and being talked to, and yet I really need some adult conversation to stimulate my mind. Ideally, I would call a friend or meet one for a playdate, but realistically that just isn’t feasible on a daily basis. So I often find myself turning on a podcast while I am washing dishes or cooking dinner. 

I am so glad I live in a time where technology makes it possible to listen to something encouraging when I can fit it into my schedule.  The fact that many podcasts are free is a huge bonus! In case you are looking for something new or need some suggestions, these are my current favorites. 

The Relevant Podcast
The folks from Relevant Magazine make me laugh out loud. This is always my go-to podcast. It just makes me happy listening to the sarcasm and humor. There are also interviews and musical guests if laughing isn’t enough for you.

Sorta Awesome
This podcast just makes me happy.  They talk about things they love and think are awesome.  It is like having coffee with friends.  I have found out about a lot of cool stuff from these ladies!

The Popcast
At the beginning of every episode, they say it is a podcast dedicated to the art of delightful idiocy and the things that entertain but don’t really matter. That pretty much sums it up, so funny and pointless all at the same time. If you enjoy pop culture this one is for you!

The God-Centered Mom Podcast
Encouragement for moms from a mom in the trenches herself.  She is a mom of 4 boys and is usually chatting with someone about particular parenting topics.  

Inspired to Action
Encouragement and inspiration for moms, as well as resources to keep you inspired.

The Power of Moms
This one can sometimes be hit or miss for me, but I often enjoy what they have to say. 

Homeschool IRL
Real, honest conversations about anything homeschool-related. It is really encouraging as well as informative.

The Homeschool Sisters 
This one is relatively new, but I am really enjoying it. It is two moms just talking about life and homeschooling.

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