Organizing our activity bins


As weird as it may sound, I love to reorganize our playroom/schoolroom. Well, I love it until about an hour in, then I am pretty much over it. By that point, there are just random odds and ends I don’t know what to do with, but yet shouldn’t be gotten rid of. Up until that point, though, I really do love it. There is something about starting afresh that makes anything seem possible — even managing to stick to my plans for the year!

I started today by cleaning out one of the closets in the room. I am super lucky to have 2 large closets in the room. (I filled the other one with random household stuff, which I avoid cleaning). I use the closet mostly for storing bins of toys and activities that I use for rotating morning activities. I said in an earlier post that if it is not crazy easy to get out, I probably won’t get it out. Completely true. Last year I had 4 large bins stacked and I rarely used the two on the bottom because it was too much work to pull them out. That definitely needed to be changed.

Most of these toys were on a shelf in the playroom at one time, but I found that they rarely got played with and created a huge mess to clean up. Sorting a lot of our toys into bins makes clean up pretty simple as well as makes the toys exciting when I pull them out in the morning. Hopefully exciting enough to entertain the younger two boys while I get the older kids started with their school days.

Amazingly, it didn’t take too long this year, but let’s see how long it will stay this way.

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