What to do when you are craving a change

Sometimes I just need a change. OK, if I am honest, I need change often. Being stuck in the same routine day after day sort of feels like a slow death. As I am learning more about myself, I realize that my craving for constant change is just my personality type. But I also know a lot of stay-at-home moms that feel this way as well. There is something about doing the same routine every day that just calls for a change — even if just for a short one. A simple change can feel life-giving. Sometimes if it is just a rough day with your kids, a creative sanity saver may be all you need, but sometimes you need it a little more than that. 

Obviously, a vacation would be great, but not usually realistic. So what are some ideas that are doable on an ordinary Tuesday?

Rearrange the furniture or your decor

So many options. In our house, I have an old bookshelf on the landing of our attic where I keep extra decor that I can swap out when I feel like I need a change — picture frames, bowls, vases, and throw pillows to name a few. It is nice to have everything in one place that’s easy to get to. If you need ideas, I highly recommend “The Nesting Place.” It is the only decorating book I have ever read that I found super encouraging. The author helps you love the home you have, even with all its flaws.  

Deep clean

I know, this is probably not what you are looking to do with your time, but sometimes having one room completely cleaned and reorganized is enough to make me feel sane.

Paint something

I have a lot of love for a can of spray paint. Paint a vase, a frame, a chair, whatever. If you are really motivated, paint a room or a piece of furniture. It is amazing what a difference a little paint can make.

A night out

I started taking one night of the week as my night away. I make dinner, serve it and then walk out of the house. It is the most glorious thing every week! I don’t need to deal with clean up or dishes and I get a couple of hours all to myself.  Usually, I eat before I leave and then just grab hot chocolate at a coffeehouse. Every now and then I sit with my laptop at a restaurant. I can’t recommend this enough.

A theme night

Go as big or as small as you are feeling up to. Declare a movie night and have everyone put on their pajamas and bring their pillow. Have a camping night. Make sandwiches, throw a blanket on the floor and announce a picnic. Order pizza and call it a game night. The options are limitless, just take a small break from the normal.

Use a ready to go meal

Sometimes just the constant routine of cooking 3 meals a day is enough to make me crazy. Keeping a meal in the freezer to give me a night off from cooking is so nice. It is even better if we use paper plates to get the night off from dishes too!

I also keep a box of Captain Crunch cereal in our pantry. I never buy sugary cereal, but some days that is all I want and it keeps me from craving and getting french fries from McDonald’s.

These are a few things I have done to break up my routine. I would love to hear how you create a breath of change when you need one.

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2 comments on “What to do when you are craving a change”

  1. These are some great ideas! I am also one that loves change (what part of my personality is that?!) Chris is constantly making fun of me for rearranging/reorganizing!
    Like always, your posts are inspiring and encouraging!

    1. Carlos doesn’t even comment on my reorganizing or rearranging most of the time. I think he has just realized it is the way life is in our house!

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