What I’m loving and reading in April 2018

What I’m loving

L’Oréal Magic Root Cover-up Spray

I started getting gray hair when I was 18 years old and I am pretty sure I would be completely gray now if I didn’t color my hair regularly. I get it colored every 6 weeks, but within 3 weeks I have a serious gray stripe where my hair parts. I recently picked up a can of L’Oréal Magic Root Cover-up Spray based on a recommendation and it is life-changing. I was worried it would be messy or rub off on things, but since I only spray it on my part I haven’t had any issues and it covers the gray well. I am in love.


I’ve had my NutriBullet for years and I still love it so much that I needed to talk about it. I am a smoothie junky, it is my snack almost every afternoon. I absolutely love that I can make a smoothie in about a minute and there is virtually no clean-up. Just rinse it quickly and throw it in the dishwasher. It is an easy way to add more nutritious food to my diet with little work.

I am boring and make the same thing every day, I hate pretty much all other smoothies. A little orange juice, plain Greek yogurt, a banana, chia seeds, and frozen mixed berries. My kids like them too, which is also a selling point. Oh, and I bought some dishwasher safe re-usable straws which makes me feel less wasteful about using straws daily.

Crash Pad

My kids combined all their gift cards from Christmas to buy a Crash Pad, and they all use it almost daily.  It is basically foam pieces inside a big bag. They can run and jump onto it, fall, flip, whatever. I got a 5×5 crash pad without a cover and have been very happy with it. If you are looking for a good way for your kids to get their energy out it might be a good option. My kids also lay on it to read or just hang out.

FUZOO compatible ink cartridges

We go through printer ink like crazy around here, and I recently bought replacement cartridges from FUZOO instead the HP brand that goes with our printer. I got 2 XL black cartridges and a set of colored all for less than $12. What on Earth?! I usually pay that for just one color. I have been using to print all of our homeschool stuff and it works great.  I linked to the ones I bought, but make sure you look up your specific printer model.


Curology is customized skincare from a dermatologist. Basically, you send them pictures and details about your skin, and they send you a bottle that is specifically formulated for you. I just recently started using my first bottle and I am so excited to see how it works. I am dealing with both acne and aging, so I need all the help I can get. You can get a free month trial if you want to check them out.


Swap.com is an online consignment store. I recently heard about it on a podcast and decided to give it a try. I bought myself a dress and my husband a shirt for work. This is the first time I have seen men’s clothing for sale on an online consignment store, and there was a ton of stuff that still had tags on it in the men’s section. My husband wears a ton of Banana Republic shirts to work, so finding them even cheaper than the outlet is a big find.

I have found it is easiest to search for brands I know fit me well and I am sure of my size. They also claim to have easy returns, but I personally have not tried to return anything so I can’t speak to that. You can get 20% off your order with my code if you want to check it out.

What I’m Reading

The Good Widow by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

I have seen The Good Widow multiple places lately, so when I found it at the library I had to read it. This wasn’t my favorite book. It grabbed my attention pretty quickly, but then I struggled to finish it. There seem to be a lot of people that really love it though.

From Amazon: Elementary school teacher Jacqueline “Jacks” Morales’s marriage was far from perfect, but even in its ups and downs it was predictable, familiar. Or at least she thought it was…until two police officers showed up at her door with devastating news. Her husband of eight years, the one who should have been on a business trip to Kansas, had suffered a fatal car accident in Hawaii. And he wasn’t alone.

Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

Intuitive Eating is another book I have heard recommended a lot and I was really excited to read. It did not disappoint. I finished it a few weeks ago and I still think about what I learned in it daily. It has changed the way I think of food and hunger, and I highly recommend it.

Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski

From Amazon: An essential exploration of why and how women’s sexuality works – based on groundbreaking research and brain science.

Come As You Are feels like the primer I never got on women’s sexuality. It is written by a sex therapist and is very informative. I learned a lot about the science of how my brain and body work from reading this book. It also made me realize that so much of what I was taught about sexuality is actually wrong.  The science got a little tedious at some points for me, but I think that is more my personality than anything else.

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