Life as a homeschool mom: My interview at ‘Faith and Good Works’


I was recently interviewed by Jenny from Faith and Good Works about life as a homeschool mom. It is part of a blog series so if you’re interested in reading about the lives of many varied homeschool moms, check it out.

Here’s a peek at one of the questions and my response:

Do you have a motto, quote, or scripture for your homeschool? Why did you choose that one?

Our motto is “Choose to do hard things.” A few years ago, I saw a poster that encouraged kids to do hard things, and I loved this idea. What I really want, though, is for my kids to not just do hard things when it is required of them, but to choose them as well. I want them to always be growing and challenging themselves. I also want that for myself, so the motto works great for our whole family.

Read the rest of my interview.

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