My favorite Thanksgiving tradition: Breakfast

Our Thanksgiving tablecloth

When you think of Thanksgiving, you probably think of turkey, stuffing, gathering with family, and maybe watching the Macy’s parade on TV. These are all part of my Thanksgiving day, but my very favorite is our breakfast tradition — when it’s just us at home, together.

The night before Thanksgiving, I put our Thanksgiving tablecloth on the table and set the table with paper plates and candle sticks. That’s right, candles and paper plates go really well together — beauty with no cleanup!

In the morning, we all sit around the table to eat cinnamon rolls I either made from scratch the night before or bought in a can, depending on my mood. While we eat, we each write on the tablecloth what we are thankful for that year.


Sorry for the poor picture quality. This is the only photo I could find. Evidently, I am too busy to take pictures most years!

I love that tablecloth. I love reading it every year and seeing things written like “fishies” and “necklaces” from when my kids were smaller. Reading that tablecloth is like a timeline of children being born and growing, of new jobs and reminders of life.

In case you decide to adopt this little tradition, I would recommend getting a smooth tablecloth with little to no texture. When we started doing this, we had very little extra money and I used the only tablecloth I already owned. We make it work but the texture is not the easiest thing in the world to write on.

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5 comments on “My favorite Thanksgiving tradition: Breakfast”

  1. We are starting this, this year. I bought a white sheet since it doesn’t have texture, and some fabric pens. At Christmas, I trace the kids hands on the Christmas tree skirt.

    1. A sheet is a great idea, it will be much easier to write on than my tablecloth! Tracing hands on a tree skirt is a great family tradition too!

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