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It was a rough day all around — everyone was grumpy, everyone was fighting. We finally made it to nap time and Titus didn’t nap. He sang, talked, and yelled, but he didn’t nap. Titus was fine playing in his crib, but I could hear him and it was stressing me out even more. I knew not napping meant he would be grumpy all evening and I just wanted a little break from the insanity.

I crashed on the couch for a little while and texted a friend. I vented and, while nothing changed, I felt a little better because I knew someone gets me.

I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be surviving parenting very well if it weren’t for the other moms I know who I can call or text on a bad day or when I have a question. Sometimes all you need is someone who has been where you are; someone who can commiserate, and encourage you when you don’t have anything left.

Here’s the thing: I have talked to many moms who don’t have that. They don’t have a friend to call or text on a bad day or when they need advice. While I absolutely believe that having a community of mom friends in real life is very important, I know it doesn’t always happen.

So I am starting a community for moms on Facebook. It is a private group where moms can talk, encourage each other, ask for advice, or just talk about life. My goal for this is to become a community of women who can encourage and support each other through this crazy thing called motherhood.

I don’t care if you breastfeed or bottle-feed, if you homeschool or do public school, or if you fill in the blank with any of the million other choices out there. What I do care about is that we are loving our children well and making the best possible choices for our families. I care that moms feel like they are not alone and that they have someone to talk to when they need it.

I would love for you to join me and join in the conversation at A Haven of Chaos Community! Please invite your friends, and let’s make this into a community of women who really support each other.

All moms need support from other moms. Here is how to find a community of moms.
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