Gift Guide for Kids 2018

I know it is early, but I am starting to think about my Christmas shopping. In the past, I have made pretty extensive gift idea lists of things my kids love or have loved. I didn’t have time to make that kind of list this year, but you can definitely check out past lists for so many more ideas divided by category. A lot of the ideas from previous years we still use often. I also have some ideas for non-toy gift ideas.

All of that being said, my kids have really been loving some things around here lately and I thought I would share just a short list of what we have been loving and what my kids are getting for Christmas this year, which includes even electronics and music instruments as this guitar for 2 years old so a little kid can learn to play an instrument too!




We bought this game at the beach this summer and have played it constantly since then. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your picture cards by being the first person to put it on top of the description card in the middle of the table.

It is fast moving and I love that it is a game the whole family can play because it uses picture cards. It is rare we find a game that the whole family can play together and even the adults enjoy the game.

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Goblet Goblers

This is tic-tac-toe with a twist. Honestly, it is really fun and much more challenging than you would expect. Both players have different sizes pieces which can swallow smaller pieces. The kids love it and it is challenging for adults as well.

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Memory mix up

Memory Mix Up

My 5- year old got this game for his birthday and we all really like playing it. I actually keep it in my purse and we often play it in restaurants or when we have to wait somewhere. The basic concept is to quickly memorize the picture tokens loaded in your shaker paddle. Then turn over the paddle, give it a shake to mix things up, and secretly remove one token. After you’ve removed one of the tokens, flip the shaker back over and race to identify which token is missing! You can make the game easier or harder just by adding more or fewer tokens. It is another game our whole family enjoys.

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Zingo is basically bingo with pictures. It is fast and simple to play. If you are looking for a preschool game, this is a great one.

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Sequence for kids

My Kids play this game all the time with each other.

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Dramatic Play


Fort Magic

We have had a Fort Magic set for 2 years now and my kids still use it almost daily. They build everything from forts, to soccer nets, to crutches. I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of this set. In 2 years not one piece has broken, and that is saying something in our house.  It also is very sturdy and stays together well when the kids are building.  We just bought some cheap sheets to use with the kit and that has worked out really well for us.

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playmobile animal


We have quite a few Playmobil sets and at least one or two of them get played with every day.  Honestly, if I could only have 1 toy for dramatic play it would be Playmobil. It is so creative and durable. All 4 of my kids use it regularly.

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The Nugget

We don’t have this and really just don’t have room for it, but if we did I know my kids would absolutely love it. The foam pieces that can be used for kid’s furniture and easily rearranged to be used as a fort, spaceship or anything else they can imagine.

View this item: The Nugget

Active Play

Ping Pong

Table Tennis To-Go

My kids play ping-pong multiple times a day with this set. We don’t have room for a regular ping-pong table, so this set is a great way to turn any table into one.

View this item: Table Tennis To-Go
action camera

Action Camera

My son has been talking about wanting a GoPro for months, but that is just not in my price range for his Christmas gift. I found this kids action camera that also has a strap to attach to his bike or helmet and is also waterproof. He loves nothing more than filming his adventures!

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This is a really fun indoor game, that all my kids can play together. You toss the Boochie target and then everyone tries to get their balls and rings closest. You may have to toss between your legs, behind your back, or even with your eyes closed! The player with the most points wins.

View this item: Boochie
crash pad

Crash Pad

A crash pad is basically foam pieces inside a big bag. They can run and jump on to it, fall, flip, whatever. I got a 5×5 crash pad without a cover and have been very happy with it. If you are looking for a good way for your kids to get their energy out this is a great option if you have the space for it. My kids also lay on it to read or just hang out.

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soccer net

Soccer Net

My 2 oldest boys are obsessed with soccer, so this one is pretty self-explanatory.

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cup stacking

Sport Stacking Set

We got this set a few years ago and it is still a lot of fun. It is such a simple concept, see how fast you can stack and unstack your cups. My kids spend a lot of time trying to beat their own times or trying to beat my time. If you look for it on Amazon you will see cheaper sets without a timer, trust me when I say you want the timer! I think the timer is the only reason we like it so much.

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bubble gum

Bubble Gum Machine

I had no idea what category a bubble gum machine fits into, but I think this is the gift I am most excited to give my kids this year!

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The Nugget

The nugget is 4 separate foam pieces that can be used as kid’s furniture or rearranged to build forts, spaceship or anything else they can imagine.

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