Non-toy gift ideas for kids

Levi reading a magazine

Whether your house is overflowing with toys or you are just trying to simplify your gift-giving, here are my favorite non-toy gift ideas for kids.

Craft supplies

My kids can go through craft supplies at a completely crazy rate. Construction paper, tape, markers, envelopes, and stickers are all hugely popular. For older kids, higher-quality art supplies and a sketchbook would be nice.

Magazine subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions are gifts that keep on giving; who doesn’t love getting something in the mail regularly? In our house, our kids have been gifted subscriptions to Highlights, Highlights High Five, Highlights Hello, Ranger Rick Jr, National Geographic Little Kids, ASK, American Girl, and Clubhouse Junior.

Subscription Boxes

Most subscription boxes also have the option to gift just a month or several months without having an ongoing subscription. In our house, we have loved Raddish Kids and Kiwi Crate.

Raddish Kids is a cooking club box that comes with kids-friendly recipe guides, a kitchen tool, a card with a new kitchen skill to learn, an apron patch, and conversation starters.

Kiwi Crate has boxes for different ages and interests, I have purchased single boxes for my boys as gifts many times and they love them. They also keep them occupied for a long time, which is always a win!

Gift cards for food

My cousin gets my kids a gift card to McDonald’s for their birthdays — they love it! They get to go and order a Happy Meal, which I never buy them. A gift card for food or ice cream is always a hit in our house!


Music is always a great gift. Some of our favorite preschool music is Laurie Berkner and Slugs & Bugs. My kids listen to classical music, and Levi is into Stomp.

Tickets or memberships

One year for Christmas, a family friend gave our family tickets to a local zoo. It made for such a fun outing that spring. Passes to zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, railroads, and museums are always fun.

An outing

My sister has taken both of my older kids to a pottery-painting place. Not only do they get to do something fun — like painting pottery — they also get to have special time with their aunt.


Dance class, gymnastics, karate, art classes — there are classes for most interests.

Homemade coupons

Coupons for cookies, a clean room, a family game night, and dinner of their choice. The options are limitless!


No matter what age, a book is never a bad idea.

You can’t go wrong with buying clothes for your kids! Best Sock Drawer has the best socks for kids and especially babies! Check them out: Your baby will love their new socks!

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2 comments on “Non-toy gift ideas for kids”

  1. My son has been given SO many toys! I am not sure what we are going to give him this year, but I think books and art supplies would be good for him. My SIL’s always like when I get their kids clothes too. Since clothes can get expensive.

    1. I am right there with you! My kids go through art supplies like they are going out of style, so that is always a hit here!

      Clothes is a great idea too. As a mom, I love when my kids get clothes as gifts!

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