Perspective changes things


When you are stuck in the middle of the craziness of parenting young kids, it can be hard to see anything outside of where you are right now.

Today, we were in the grocery store waiting in line for the deli and I noticed 3 teenage boys that kept glancing at us and laughing.

If you were there, you would see Judah lying under the cart on the bottom rack, Levi balancing with one foot on the bar at the end of the cart, and Titus in the child seat doing his best to entertain his brothers. There was a lot that could be laughed at.

After a few seconds, I heard one of the teenagers call their mom over and then motion our way. “That used to be us, mom!” Their mom smiled at me and joined in their laughter. She told them she remembered when they hung off the cart in all directions and how crazy those days were.

The whole thing made me smile. While that mom was looking back and remembering the little years, I was watching her and her teenage boys and thinking about our future. This gave me a glimpse outside of my immediate perspective, which is nice to have every now and then.

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