Having lots of little people

Me and the kids

While I was at an indoor play area waiting for my friend to arrive, I watched all the moms around me. Sitting next to me were 2 moms with tiny babies and one-year-old toddlers running around. I am pretty sure one of them had an older toddler running around too.

I watched these moms bounce a baby on their hip while helping a one-year-old go down a slide. Every time they even got close to sitting back down they ended up running to help a toddler while trying to keep their infant happy.

I texted my husband to tell him about it and to say they looked exhausted and a little dazed. I also asked if that is how I looked for those years in our life. I am sure I did, if not I certainly felt like it. I distinctly remember leaving the grocery store sweating in winter because of the exhaustion of keeping everyone sane. Babies and toddlers are hard!

So, if you feel like you are losing your mind and aren’t sure how you are going to keep pushing through the exhaustion, know that it is not just you. This stage of parenting is a special kind of hard. You will get through it.

Someday you will be where I am, sitting in a chair watching your kids play without having to get up and chase anyone. It gets easier, or at the very least physically easier. Until then, know you are doing hard, but good work. You’re amazing.

Oh, and one last photo just to make you smile. The terrible-quality photo below shows an emergency room visit after Judah cut himself by running into the corner of the table. Titus was just a few weeks old in his car seat on the floor. It was hectic, to say the least. Check out Judah’s wrapped head!

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