Some of my favorite things for spring and summer

It’s that time of the year when I am starting to think ahead to warmer weather. These are some of my very favorite warm-weather finds.

Jockey Slipshorts

I discovered these slipshorts at the end of last summer and they make me so very happy! I always wear shorts under my dresses, after an unfortunate experience at the grocery store when my then 2-year-old son managed to somehow spin around my skirt while I was checking out and I showed way too much skin to the people behind me!

These slipshorts are very light and smooth. They are not tight shapewear if that is your concern. They also keep your thighs from sticking together in 90-degree weather which, is always a plus in my world. I bought mine at Target for $12 a pair, so I recommend shopping around for a good price.

Lands’ End Fit and Flare dresses

I wear dresses pretty much non-stop during warm weather months and I pair these with my favorite jewelry from Gema & CO. My absolute favorite dresses are Fit and Flare dresses from Lands’ End. I am at the point in my life where I have learned what kind of clothing works or does not work for my body type. These dresses are ridiculously flattering. They are pricy but they hold up so well and if you are willing to wait for a sale, you can usually get at least 25% off.

Spray bottles

I bought each of my kids a spray bottle at the Dollar Store last summer and they entertained my kids for hours. They are not super messy. My kids spent an impressive amount of time spraying the house, sidewalk, my van, and each other.

Sweet potatoes in the Crock-Pot

When it is too warm to run the oven, I will often throw sweet potatoes in the Crock-Pot mid-morning, and by supper time, I grill some chicken and a vegetable, and dinner is done in 12 minutes. All you need to do is wrap the sweet potatoes in foil and cook them on low for 6–8 hours. They come out caramelized and fabulous. In order to save yourself some cleaning, line the bottom of your Crock-Pot with a piece of foil. This also works with regular potatoes if that is what you prefer.


Until last summer, I left any grilling up to Carlos. But then I listened to this episode of The Sorta Awesome Podcast and fell in love with grilling myself. I now love grilling vegetables and meat, which makes for a fast, no-mess dinner. We grill half of our meals in the summer. It is so convenient! This blog post on grilling from Laura Tremaine is a great supplement to the podcast.

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