What I am loving and reading in January


What I am loving


I mentioned this on my Facebook page recently, but if you missed it, it is worth mentioning again. GoNoodle is a free site that has tons of active videos for kids — silly action songs, kid Zumba, and more. My kids LOVE this site and I love the extra energy they get out. Eden’s favorite at the moment is the Moose Tube videos.

Snow Pants

I have seen our neighbors shoveling snow in wet jeans the past couple of days and it made me realize how many adults don’t have snow pants. Every winter, Carlos and I both rave about our love for snow pants. They not only keep you dry, they also block the wind completely, which is awesome on super-cold days. Carlos is already planning on wearing them over his pants to work on days when the temperature is near zero since he has to walk to work. Walmart usually sells them for around $20, although I really want these cute ones!

Stitch Fix

I’ve heard about Stitch Fix for years and didn’t try it until now. You fill out a style profile with your sizes and preferences, and a stylist chooses 5 items of clothing or accessories and mails these to you. There is a $20 stylist fee but it is deducted from your total if you choose to keep at least one item.

Honestly, the reason I have put off trying Stitch Fix is because I was afraid I would end up losing $20 if I sent everything back. I only tried it because I got a coupon code for the price of the stylist fee. Now that I have tried it, I will definitely do it again. I liked everything in my box and, had our budget allowed it, I would have kept more than I did. The clothes fit well and went with my style. One of my favorite things about Stitch Fix is that I got to try on clothing I wouldn’t have normally chosen for myself. My plan is to get a Stitch Fix maybe 2 to 3 times a year as a way to update my wardrobe. I have also been looking at Unionbay for wardrobe essentials.

The Skimm

The Skimm is a free daily email newsletter that breaks down the top news into short quickly readable summaries. This is the only email newsletter I read regularly. I like staying up on the major news but hate watching it on TV or reading it on news websites. Normal news outlets totally give me anxiety. I can’t handle the overwhelming negativity of the news. Having said that, I like being aware of major happenings in the world and being able to keep up with conversations going on around me.

What I read this month

I don’t normally get this many books read in a month but I got new books for Christmas and have really enjoyed all the reading I have done.

lifegiving home

The Lifegiving Home‘ by Sally & Sarah Clarkson

I love this book! I really enjoy most of Sally Clarkson’s writing. It is such an encouragement to hear from someone a couple of seasons ahead of me in parenting. “The Lifegiving Home” focuses on how to create a home that nourishes, nurtures, and sustains life and beauty. It is full of encouragement and practical tips for creating meaningful routines in your home.

Make it Happen

Make it Happen‘ by Lara Casey

Make it Happen” was on my Amazon wish list for a long time until I finally grabbed it when it was on sale around New Year’s. I am so glad I finally read it. I found the chapters on goal planning (and really just life planning) very helpful. I see myself going back to those chapters at least once a year, if not more often.

money making mom

Money-Making Mom‘ by Crystal Paine

The “Money-Making Mom” shares creative ways to manage money, generate income, and, most importantly, live a life of deeper meaning, fulfillment, and generosity than you might have ever imagined possible.

If you are looking for ways to earn money from home, or you need a little wisdom on creating a business, this is a great beginning resource. I especially enjoyed the chapter at the end about living generously.

Tried & True

Tried and True‘ by Mary Connealy

I actually read all 3 books in the Wild at Heart series this month. They left me feeling happy and relaxed, which is exactly what I am looking for in my fiction.

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8 comments on “What I am loving and reading in January”

    1. Well, I don’t always read that much. I go through phases. I do find reading super relaxing though.

      Sometimes if I am really into a book I make a little time during the day, I think it is good for the kids to see me read. That being said, I read mostly at night after the kids are in bed, but I get sucked in and end up reading until 2am. It is a problem in my life.

    2. A Haven of Chaos(null) okay, so how do you function the next day on little sleep? You need to blog about that one…I think I am addicted to my sleep! I agree though I think it is great for the kids to see the parent reading!

    3. I don’t function well on little sleep, that is that problem! You know I love sleep! We are not early morning people around here, 8:30 is our normal wake up time. Sometimes if I am lucky it is closer to 9am.

    4. We usually go upstairs around 7:30 or 7:45. I am usually back downstairs by 8:30 at the latest. They talk for a while since they share a room, so my guess is the older 3 fall asleep around 9:30. I don’t care if they talk as long as they are quiet.

      I have a clock in their room that changes color at 8:30, so they know they are allowed to get up at that time. They know I don’t want to hear them before then. Even if they get up earlier than that they usually go back to sleep since they know they are not allowed out of bed. It is very rare anyone wakes up before 8:30. Obviously, this will all change as they get older, but it works for now.

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