What to use when a band-aid isn’t working

When a band-aid just isn't working

Let’s talk injury. Now that we have made it to summer, my kids are often ripping the skin off their knees and falling off playground equipment. Just today, my youngest son cut his leg on a staple that was sticking out of the back of our couch. Surely my kids aren’t the only kids who have some kind of injury.

Normally, I try to cover a scrape or large cut with multiple band-aids or a gauze pad and medical tape. But I recently realized I could buy self-adhesive bandage wraps. Maybe this is a thing everyone already does and I am just behind, but it changed the first-aid procedure around here. After a particularly bad knee injury that I couldn’t get anything to stay on, I bought a self-adhesive bandage wrap for $6 at the drugstore and used it to keep a gauze pad on the cuts. The kids think it is cool, and it doesn’t hurt to pull it off like a band-aid sometimes does.

When a band-aid just isn't working

After using it successfully several times, I ordered a box with several self-adhesive bandage wraps in bright colors. I thought that we might as well make it a little more fun. The kids also like it when I decorate it with a permanent marker.

It is now one of the items I keep in my purse for when the next person falls and needs to be patched up.

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