My favorite tip for kids who have to go to the bathroom when there isn’t one


I got a text message from a friend last week about the horrors of having her recently potty-trained son pee in a cup while driving because there was nowhere to pull over. While this wouldn’t have helped her at the time, it reminded me of my very favorite tip for kids who need to use the bathroom when there isn’t one.


Keep a cheap potty chair in your car along with a few diapers. If your child needs to go to the bathroom, open a diaper and put it in the bottom of the potty chair. When he is done, wrap up the diaper and done. No mess.

It is so simple and yet it is seriously genius. I don’t even know where I originally heard it, but it stuck in my head. I’ve only had to do this twice, but I was so happy to have everything I needed and no mess to clean up!

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27 comments on “My favorite tip for kids who have to go to the bathroom when there isn’t one”

  1. Such a great idea with the diaper! We’ve used the potty chair on long trips, but the process of dumping it, spraying it with disinfectant and wiping it out is just not fun!

  2. We put coffee filters in the bottom of the potty chair. Cheaper than diapers and just as much an easy cleanup.

  3. This is honestly the most environmentally irresponsible solution I have ever seen. I think it would worth an analysis why is it an issue that “you don’t want to deal with”.
    This is a part of our everyday life, and you just have to bring a little bit of water and cleaning tissue, done.

    1. So what exactly do you do with the deposit, then? Dump it on the side of the road so it’s someone else’s problem?

      1. Isn’t it technically the same as using a diaper before potty training? Do you not believe in diapers at all….?

      1. If you use cloth diapers, put an insert in the potty and a plastic bag. Wash as usual. No need to be condemning.

    2. ????????????
      Did you actually read the whole thing? She has only done it twice, not every time her kid has to go potty.

      Oh, I figured it out. I think you’re on the wrong page. Google sanctimommies and you will find your people.

  4. Every toilet trying child has a ‘right now’ emergency. I once stopped next to a garbage can, supported my LO by holding her under her knees and with my forearms under her arm pits, I held a plastic grocery bag under her bottom while she pooped in it, when she was done I tied up the bag and dropped it into the garbage can.

  5. In other countries using a trash for child to “go” is fine. As for environmental issues on the diaper thing…. Yea I guess but this is hack for emergencies not a every day thing (I think)

  6. Like previous comments I don’t think it’s necessary to use a diaper in a potty. Common sense here. A little bottle a water to clean the pees (no don’t need to sanitize the thing like you are going to perform an open heart surgery in it, it’s just pee people) and then for poos usually put a little soap but since our daughter poos are solid it usually is not very hard to clean. Then when I’m home, once a day (before going to bed) I put water and soap to sit overnight and in the morning rinse off. VOILA!

    Really no need to send yet another disposable diaper to the landfill. I’m already strongly against disposable diapers; I managed to exclusively cloth diaper through our daughters life so far (26 months). We’ve also use the Elimination Communication Technic so we been using a potty and, mostly, the toilet. If you really can’t deal with a potty and think that it’s “so unsanitary” well why don’t you just use a regular toilet. If you don’t have a portable toilet seat like us you can just hold baby above the toilet by the legs (squatting position) and you flush down the toilet. Clean.

    Cloth diaper = NO POO EXPLOSION!!!!
    Elimination Communication = No clean up + less diapers + early potty trained out of diapers!

    Disposable diapers are a big waste for the environment and for you wallet. Lets be smart about them. – And if you really really can wrap your head on how easy they are you should look at Hybrid. At least the covers are not thrown away; it’s 1/3 least the waste.

    And Elimination Communication/Early potty training is great. Everyone should try it. Imagine the when you see the potty in the toilet and you know you won’t have to clean that bum. That was an amazing feeling. Bonus they think that babies that do elimination communication have good confident in themselves; no proven but I do believe that it can only bring good to the child.

    1. 2. Your child is 2 years old. After reaching 24 months aka 2 years old there is no reason to count by months.

  7. My son had a “have to go right now” emergency. I had him squat over a plastic bag and asked him to lift the bag by the handles while he did his thing. Then I threw a disposable diaper straight into the trash just to pi$$ of the anti-disposable diaper users out there.

    1. Tried that, he didn’t want to use it. In the end he did a couple of times on our road trip right after potty training.

      on another trip like 6 months later we used a cheap potty but in the van
      but you are so worried about it spilling all over the diaper hack would have been perfect!

  8. You know what? We are still using diapers when we were out when our son was young as a back up/safety net so I’d do that on long car journeys etc so you don’t need to worry. Out in public – you could take your potty and there are portable potties you can buy which are easier to carry. I’m glad anywhere I go, I saw a portable toilet to clean up.

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