Better cups for kids

My kids picked out new coffee mugs during our 2015 vacation at Bethany/Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

This seems like a strange tip and I almost didn’t post it, but it is working so well for us I had to share it!

With four kids, I constantly washed cups because no one remembered which cup they used. I’ve also cleaned up many spills because kid’s plastic cups tend to easily tip over. This was super frustrating.

One day, we were out of clean cups so I gave Judah a coffee mug. After his arm hit his cup while reaching for something, I noticed that it was a lot harder to knock over a coffee mug than a small kid’s plastic cup.

Later that day we took a trip to the thrift store and I had each of my older kids pick out their own mug. Now I actually know whose cup is whose and I can easily throw them in the dishwasher!

Lately, we had an issue with the kids also wanting cups in the bathroom. I tried using little paper bathroom cups but the kids wasted them and created a mess. Small kid’s plastic cups were too big and the kids ended up drinking too much water right before bed or spilling it all over the counter.


Enter shot glasses, the perfect size for the bathroom, and, again, because they are each unique, everyone always knows which one is theirs.  (Please ignore my ugly bathroom counters!) Last week, each of the kids chose a coffee mug and a shotglass while we were on vacation. They love remembering the beach every time they use their cups.

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