And everything fell apart already

sick Judah

Last week was our first week of homeschool this year and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with how well it was going. As I was filling out the kids’ notebooks with their assignments for the next day on Wednesday evening, I felt pretty pleased with the routine we had established.

Not only was school going well, I felt like I found a personal schedule that was working for me. I’ve been getting out of bed earlier to exercise and have been getting decent sleep at night. I may have been a little prematurely confident about how this year was going to go.

Thursday morning at 5 AM, Carlos and I both jolted awake by someone sobbing next to our bed. Judah was sick. He had a fever of over 103 degrees, and he was complaining his stomach hurt. It ended up being a rough day of medication around the clock and Judah not moving off the couch.

Friday, we ended up at the doctor for his stomach pain, followed by an X-ray. Later, a phone call with the doctor confirmed fecal impaction. The doctor sounded happy about that result saying it was easy to treat, but let me tell you the at-home side of it has not been pleasant. Of course, Judah continued to have a fever all weekend so we ended up back at the doctor again on Monday and found out he also has strep throat!

All of that to say our routine fell apart on day 4 of homeschooling this year.

While the end of last week was miserable around here, I am thankful I was not stressing about school. We fit in the core subjects for the other kids through things they could do without my help and then we started fresh again this week.

Here’s hoping we can make it through the whole week this time!

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3 comments on “And everything fell apart already”

    1. Well, I don’t know that I always have a great perspective, but I am trying! We were back at the doctor today for another kid with strep throat, I am hoping the other 2 don’t get it too!

  1. Awww, hopefully you can get back in the swing of things quickly! And keep everyone healthy. We start school next week. I’ll try to remember not to be prematurely optimistic! ?

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