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I am always looking for fun ways to expose my kids to other cultures. It is really important to me that I raise my kids to see outside of the world they live in; to see how others live; and to see that the way we live and the way we do things is just one small piece in a much bigger world.

When I found out that Wycliffe has free resources to help teach kids about other cultures around the world, I was excited to see if they would be a good fit for us. I am happy to say that, so far, we have all really enjoyed it.

There are so many activities listed on their site that it could keep us busy for a long time. I think, between their book, “Around the World with Kate & Mack,” and all the free activities they have on their site, this is going to be our geography and multicultural studies through the next school year.

One thing I love is the variety of activities Wycliffe has available. I am not a crafty mom; I’m just not. My kids love to craft and do it often, but it is very rare I plan a craft for them. I am, however, really excited to work through the recipes from around the world.

We recently made paratha, a flatbread from Bangladesh. The kids were particularly excited about this because Bangladesh is next to India, which is where one of the kids we sponsor through Compassion is from. It was the first thing they noticed when we were looking at the map.

In 30 minutes, we made and ate (or at least tried in my daughter’s case) our flatbread, read about Bangladesh, looked for it on the map, and spent some time researching more about Bangladesh.


Honestly, this activity went better than I expected. No one even spilled anything! Hopefully, next time it will be as successful.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book Around the World with Kate & Mack for my honest review. All the opinions are completely mine.

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