Car wash table activity

cars 3

My 3-year-old and 5-year-old are obsessed with car washes. Their grandpa sometimes takes them through the car wash for fun; they read books about them; they act it out, each taking a turn being the car. It’s a no-brainer that a car wash for their play cars would be a huge hit.

With a few things I found around the house, we created a car wash that entertained them for over an hour! All you need it is a low pan (I use a cake pan), some soap, and a brush or cloth — we used an old kitchen brush and toothbrush.

Overall, it was a free, easy, and relatively non-messy activity. In order to keep the mess to a minimum, I kept the water level very low in the pan, with a towel underneath it. If you have a car lover in your life, I highly recommend this activity.

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