Toddler activities from August


I mentioned in an earlier post that I try to have a morning activity set out for my toddler and preschooler to help occupy them while I do school with the older kids. These are a few we have done recently.

A coffee mug tree and napkin rings


Ok, I think that is a coffee mug tree in the picture above, but I honestly don’t have a clue if that’s true. I found it at a local thrift store where I was looking for things I could turn into activity bins. With $2, I bought the tree, wooden napkin rings and a pack of shower curtain rings that snap together.

I thought Titus would like it, but every one of my kids took a turn playing with it. They really like to make chains out of the shower curtain rings. You just never know what might be a hit.

Play-Doh and straws


This has been one of my favorite toddler activities for a long time. Giving a toddler a ball of Play-Doh and some cut-up pieces of straw or some popsicle sticks seems like a great way to use Play-Doh with kids who are too young to really build things out of it.

A tractor and small objects to haul

ty and trucks

Once my toddlers are old enough that I am not worried about everything going in their mouths, giving them small items to haul and dump with their tractors is always a hit. In the photo above, Titus is using random small toys like Lego blocks, but he is just as happy with small pieces of paper crumpled into balls. While we do sometimes use our tractors in sand or raw beans, this makes for much easier clean-up and is just more feasible for daily play.

An egg carton and plastic eggs


Although I am listing this as a toddler activity, all my kids enjoy playing with plastic eggs. I recently grabbed some out of my attic, leftover from Easter.

For me, the key to not going crazy with plastic eggs and a toddler is to glue them shut. I hot-glued them shut, otherwise, I spend all morning listening to someone screaming because they take them apart and are unable to put them back together. I do have a few larger eggs I didn’t glue because they are much easier to open and close, but for the rest, it just saves me time and my sanity to not have to deal with re-closing them.

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