The scrapbooks I keep for my kids

My kids scrapbook

The idea of making scrapbooks for your kids probably seems overwhelming, unless you are super crafty to begin with. I think my idea of scrapbooking is different from everyone else on Pinterest, but it really requires very little work from me. I probably spend one or two evenings a year on each kid’s book.

I try to keep scrapbooks super simple. I have a ton of photos from my childhood that I haven’t seen in years. There are just too many photos to look through. So I created a book for my kids that captures their childhood in a very condensed way — one book they can flip through.

Scrapbooks need to be easy to keep up with, otherwise, I will give up on it. One easy-to-put-together book was my only criterion, and I am so happy with them!


Each book starts with the kid’s name and the meaning of their name, as well as a newborn photo. I also have a picture of me hugely pregnant and their ultrasound.

I wrote a brief story of the day they were born; added some more newborn photos; and at least one picture of Carlos and I holding them. For the younger kids, I included a photo of their siblings visiting them in the hospital.


Of course, I make sure to include all the normal baby book info, like their first words and steps.


Every year my scrapbooks end up being 3 or 4 pages.  I add photos; birthday interviews; a short letter from Carlos and I for their birthday; a few drawings; and few notes of funny things that they did that year. That is it.

birthday interview

Throughout the year, I try to remember to slip a few photos into the back of their book so when I get to their birthday, I have everything already together. I don’t always succeed at that though! Right now, I am waiting on a Shutterfly order with all my photos for the past year so I can make Eden’s pages for the past year.

Even if you have no plans to scrapbook for your kids, I hope this at least inspires you to think outside the box and to be creative in a way that works for you and the time you have.

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