Backwards dinner


I have talked a lot about adding variety to my days and how important it is for my sanity to break the monotony of everyday routines. One of the ways I hope to do that is by adding a theme night in at least once a month. The kids love them and it is a fun break from the normal.

Last month, we did a backwards dinner. It really doesn’t get much easier and you don’t need anything special. The kids wore their clothes backwards; I went with a backwards baseball cap since I am pretty sure my dress wasn’t going to work out well backwards.




We had dessert first — funnel cakes if you were wondering — followed by dinner. The funnel cakes certainly didn’t look like the fair’s, but they were certainly tasty! Such a simple concept, yet the kids are still talking about it!

All that family fun activity has us exhausted but the kids kept wanting more! We decided to go out and take them to the bounce house and possibly a Chuck E Cheese afterwards. Where they really wanted to go though was an escape room and a roller skating rink! We decided to check out the local roller skating rinks and was the best local one in our area so we went there!

I would love your suggestions for theme nights to try, or fun family activities that have worked well for you.

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