Easter activities that reflect on the resurrection


I feel like Easter has always sort of snuck up on me, and I put very little thought into what to do with my kids during the weeks leading up to it. As my kids have gotten older, I felt a pressing need to really focus on the meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it.

As a Christian, there is nothing more important than the events of that one week. Yet I’ve spent more than a month focusing on Christmas activities and very little time on Easter. I think part of my problem was that I didn’t know what to do to make it memorable and meaningful for my small kids.

Last year I decided to change how we did Easter and found some things that worked really well. These will definitely become part of my family’s Easter tradition.

A Christian Seder or Passover meal

We talked about doing this for a few years, but last year was the first year I was organized enough ahead of time to pull it off. It definitely took some preparation since it is food I don’t often cook. I think everyone is excited to do it again this year.

Titus snacking during my Passover meal prep.
Titus snacking during my Passover meal prep.

We used Ann Voskamp’s printable guide, which I highly recommend checking out if you are interested in making this a tradition in your house. We also bought a Seder plate to use for our meal since we knew we wanted to make it a yearly tradition.

Kid activities that engage the 5 senses

I am so glad I bought “A Sense of the Resurrection.” It is full of exactly the kinds of activities I’ve been looking to do with my kids. The activities in this book are meant to engage the 5 senses. One of the kids’ favorites was washing each other’s feet.

Easter activities for kids that focus on the resurrection.

Here’s the book’s blurb: “Each activity is designed either to make a memory with your children or to set up a memorial in your house. These memories/memorials will literally change the way your home looks so that you can’t help but focus on Jesus, His death and resurrection during this holiday season.”

I love that they are simple activities you can pull together with a large impact on the minds of my kids.

New ideas I will try this year

I have found 2 more ideas that I may use or adapt for our family this year. Both of them are also from Oh Amanda, the author of “Sense of the Resurrection”: un-Easter Baskets and the Spotless Lamb.

I would love to hear how you teach your kids about Easter and any traditions you have!

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  1. My mom can’t put candy in the Easter eggs for the hunt because she has to worry about animals if we leave any behind. The kids were super disappointed, so the next year I turned it into a religious theme: the tomb was empty, but then give them candy because on Easter God gave us a great gift.

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